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River Oaks Park in River Oaks

If your babe is old enough to climb and slide (~10 months and up), put River Oaks Park on top of your places-to-go list. Just how great is it? So great that, after our first visit Friday morning, we returned here Saturday and Sunday.

The playground here was recently renovated, and it shows. The equipment is brand-new and some of the best I’ve seen on my playground travels throughout Houston. We spent most of our time on the play structure for little kids:

The set-up is perfect for little ones – even pre-walkers can crawl and climb their way from the little staircase on the right to one of the slides. There are few places for baby to fall out, which allows you to step back and let them be independent for a minute!

Along the way, there are cool features to play with, such as the color wheel here: 

Once they’ve climbed up, your LO can make their way down again via one of 3 slides. We must have done this about 50 times – Lana loved it! In addition to the main toddler play structure, River Oaks Park has a second, very unique structure for the little ones. Perfect for crawling, climbing, and pulling up.

If you have a big kid with you, they won’t get bored. The bigger play structure is super-nice as well:
And, in addition to all of this, there is a row of swings under the oaks (not pictured) and a field just outside the enclosed playground area in case your little ones need more space to roam.
Oh, and the playground is shaded so you don’t need to worry about sun overload…they literally seem to have thought of everything. Well, except the wood chips. There are wood chips everywhere. But I’m willing to overlook that given all the other wonderful features of this playground!
If you go…
  • Address: 3600 Locke Lane, Houston, TX 77027
  • Parking: Free street parking

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