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Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark at Quillian Center has been on my radar for quite some time, and this week I finally made the trek outside of the Loop to this magical water park outfitted with animals like bears, lions, and the quintessential Noah’s ark animal: a whale. My toddler didn’t notice the inconsistencies with the Noah’s ark story, and the water-spewing whale and frog were a lot of fun. As for logistics with more than one child: I was able to leave my crawling baby at home and spend some quality time with just my toddler, but I saw many warrior moms wearing their babies and hanging with their toddler. You don’t have to get soaked—or even wear a bathing suit—which is great if you want to wear baby, but you will definitely get splashed here and there. And I have to give a shout out to these baby-wearing warrior moms, because I know how hard it is to juggle two small children in this type of environment: you guys rock.

Now back to the fun stuff. This place is really perfect for small children: it’s completely gated, the water is six inches deep, there are two different types of slides to suit toddlers and their older counterparts, lifeguards abound to keep the kids in check, and coolers with outside food are allowed. My two year old had an absolute blast and readers might think my use of the word “perfect” throughout this review is redundant, but it’s the most accurate word to describe this heavenly toddler waterpark/pool (no pun intended, Noah).

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know my kid loves slides. This place was no exception. There is a foam type slide that is perfect for her age and I didn’t have to worry about her going up the stairs on her own or sliding down too quickly. She loved being able to just sit and splash in the water, and sit on the whale, too. She braved the big slide which is more like a waterpark slide, and you have to climb up a rope ladder hooked to get up. This seems a bit dangerous as kids are scrambling up this fairly steep rope ladder to get to the top, and she was knocked by a bigger kid once and slid down a bit. I would make sure to help your young child get up or else prohibit it altogether. But once she was up, she had a blast coming down the big slide, which empties right in front of a lifeguard.

Splashing in the sun makes for a hungry kid, and since this mama didn’t think ahead to pack a lunch, we took advantage of the 11:30 am pizza delivery. It was a huge treat for her and I think she had one of the best days of her life, all kidding aside.
If the water park doesn’t wear your kids out, there’s also a big, traditional pool in a separately gated area (gotta appreciate all the gates when your toddler who has a hard time perceiving risk is on the loose!) with a neat slide and a huge floating alligator. And if your little ones need even more activity, there is a fun playground within yet another gated area! My girl was worn out after her splashing and sliding, so we didn’t get a chance to visit the other areas, but we will be back!

  • Admission: There is a $7.50 entrance fee for everyone above the age of one.
  • Parking: Free and easy parking at the Quillian Center parking lot on Westcenter Drive
  • Address: 10570 Westpark Dr, Houston, TX 77042
  • Website:
  • Weekday Hours:
    • May 26 – August 25, 2017: 10am – 4pm (Both Pools)
    • August 28 – September 1, 2017: 10am – 2pm (Noah’s Ark Only)
    • June 6 – August 22: Twilight Tuesdays Theme Nights, 6:30pm – 9:00pm (Both Pools)

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