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Park of the Week: Hermann Square

This week, Lana and I explored Hermann Square, located at Smith & McKinney downtown. Here’s why this little park is worth checking out.

1) It might very possibly be downtown’s most serene spot. Gurgling water from a fountain, plenty of shade, a cool breeze, and colorful flowers. And, while you’ll see quite a few passersby during the week, most don’t have the time to linger, so you may have the square all to yourself.

2) It’s literally next door to the Central Library, perfect for a picnic after a visit to the children’s area in the main library building.

3) It’s a great spot to rendezvous if one parent works downtown. The other parent or caregiver can bring baby over for a visit. When we came, Lana met her daddy for a lunch date in the park, followed by a brief visit to his office a few blocks away!4) Urban architecture! Let’s be honest – many parts of Houston feel like the suburbs. It’s refreshing to hang out in a neighborhood that is most definitely urban. The first picture below is City Hall, which faces onto the square. The second is just a few blocks away.


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