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Park of the Week: Church of the Apostles Playground

This post is brought to you by Abby Gorlach.

We all have days where we are just plain tired. Maybe one of our precious offspring was up all night, or our toddler is helping us hone our hostage negotiation skills and we’re playing the hostage. On these days, convenience rules, so I head to the little park that rules. It’s an easy walk from our house and my kids are more obliged to get into their stroller than their car seats. Plus, anything beats loading kids into the car in the Houston heat.

The playground at the Church of the Apostles is a little oasis of fully-fenced, AstroTurf-ed, and partially shaded playground fun. If you read my last post on park adventures with a crawling baby and a running toddler, you know that AstroTurf reigns supreme in my book. My baby would be bored to tears (read: screaming) if she had to be held or strapped into her stroller while big sister ran around.

At this playground, the play structure is perfect for toddlers, complete with a variety of toddler-sized slides, steps, and features like a “Country Store” stand where you can all share a meaningful lesson in capitalism. There is only one space on the play structure that is not enclosed (meaning your daredevil child may feel compelled to jump off), and it leads to a fun climbing structure. This is better than most structures which usually contain several random drop off points, so I was very pleased.

Before my youngest was crawling, I would spread out a blanket in the shade and she would enjoy staring at the sky or flowers, or rolling onto her tummy and watching her counterpart rip and run. Now she enjoys roaming the AstroTurf and pulling up onto the stairs and slides. She burns some energy alongside the toddler and I don’t have to worry what she is putting into her mouth or whether the toddler is about to catapult herself off the play structure (or onto the street, thanks to the locking gates).

We also enjoy smelling the pretty flowers in the rock garden next to the playground on our way home. All in all, this is a perfectly simple playground for a variety of ages. I love the locking gates to keep baby in (or out), the deck area complete with tables and chairs, and the beautiful garden next to the playground. The big drawback is, of course, related to heat: the slides and turf can get very hot during some parts of the day, depending on cloud coverage, since only half of the play structure is shaded. There are no swings here, either, but they were not missed by us. My brood much prefers sliding and climbing stairs.

The Church of the Apostles has been generous enough to leave this little park open to the public, but since we are the public using a private park, it is our duty to keep it clean. Please keep this in mind when visiting. I would hate for the church to feel compelled to lock the gates one day due to too much unruly traffic.

If You Go:
Parking: You are spoiled for choice with parking; there is a huge lot next to the playground.
Address: 1111 West 14th Street, Houston, TX 77008

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