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Park of the Week: Boundless Playground at Eastwood Park

If you love the Playground Without Limits on West Gray, you’ve got to visit the one-of-a-kind Boundless Playground in Eastwood Park. With new equipment and few crowds, this is the perfect spot for your baby or toddler to play.

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We visited on a Saturday morning, when the playground was mostly shaded. We saw a few other families, but there was more than enough space for everyone. And with what felt like miles and miles of ramps to crawl or toddle on, Lana was entertained for ages!

The playground has plenty of smaller slides that babies and toddlers can enjoy. Note, also, that the ground here is fake grass, not wood chips!

One of my favorite features was the set of child-size noisemakers, aka “musical instruments”. I’d never seen anything like it at another playground. Here, Lana is shaking some oversized-maraca-type things (Perhaps they have an actual name…I don’t know, I’m not a musician!)

We also loved the fact that the Boundless Playground is surrounded by tons of green space, rather than cars/traffic for babies to wander out into. (This stands in stark contrast to the Memorial Park Playground Without Limits, which is located right by a parking lot, making for what might be my most nerve-wracking playground visit to date).

The cherry on top of this playground cake was the swing set located right by the main play structure. I usually finish my playground reviews by mentioning disadvantages, but I can’t think of any this time! Overall, this is one of the best playgrounds we’ve discovered in Houston thus far.
If You Go
  • Address5000 Harrisburg, Houston, TX 77011 
  • Parking: Free parking lot. The playground is also accessible by light rail!

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