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A Universally Designed Playground on West Gray in Montrose

Playgrounds without limits are a fun concept I hadn’t heard of before Lana was born. The idea is to make a playground accessible to kids with disabilities, using features like wide, gently-sloping ramps and play structures close to the ground. Well, guess who else those are perfect for: babies!
Lana is a baby of few skills, but the ones she has mastered are pretty cool. Like climbing up to the slide and sliding down all by herself!
There is so much to do at this playground that you and baby could play here for hours (we have). If it rains or the sun is hot, the play structures are partially shaded. I’m not going to lie, we still get get wet / hot occasionally because it’s not 100% covered. But better than many playgrounds I’ve seen.

The slides are one of my favorite features here. They come in all sizes, from a small baby slide to several tall, high-speed ones for older kids (or very brave babies). The rolling slide above is super-cool. If your baby enjoys lying on her tummy, she’ll likely be able to use it!

For crawlers and new walkers, these structures will be fun to explore: there are musical instruments, balls to spin, gears to turn, mazes to trace with your finger, and openings to crawl through.

No promises that your child will use the equipment as designed, though! For a long time, Lana simply wanted to crawl under everything and “hide” in the far-away corners where she thought I couldn’t reach her!

If you go:

  • Address: 1475 West Gray Houston, TX 77019, across from the Marshall’s/TJ Maxx. Yes, it looks like a construction site – don’t worry, though, there really is a playground in there!
  • Parking: There is a free small parking lot by the playground. If that’s full, park across the street at the shopping center.

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