If you dread diaper changes, check out SwipenSnap™, a brand new diaper cream applicator invented by a Houston mom. SwipenSnap™ was recently selected as one of 2018’s best pregnancy/baby products by by Pregnant Chicken, who had this to say: Holding up baby legs while trying to unscrew the cap on the diaper cream is a […]

As I learned after a week at the beach with Lana, the right gear can make the difference between a successful trip and a vacation nightmare. In honor of family vacation season, here are six products to ensure smooth travels for you and your little ones! 1) On-the-Go Travel Drying Rack with Bottle Brush Washing bottles […]

How do you keep your toddler’s toys from taking over your living room? How can you stop your new walker from constantly bumping her head on corners? What will contain a baby too mobile to quietly sit in a Pack’n’Play? Easy – equip your play area with these 4 must-haves! 3 Sprouts Toy Chest Between […]

Bookstore shelves and online shopping sites are bursting with parenting books. There are books about sleep and books about solids and books about development. Books by moms, books by doctors, and books by impressive people with Ivy League degrees. Serious books, opinionated books, and books that try to be funny with varying degrees of success. […]

Toys don’t feature prominently on the typical baby registry. There are too many more practical items to get, and, as we quickly discover, newborns aren’t that big on toys anyway. But as babies learn to grab, sit, and crawl, and eventually turn into curious toddlers, their interest in toys skyrockets, as do the options available […]

I’m sure you’ve already heard that it’s important to read to your baby. But which books work best? With baby’s interests and abilities constantly changing, last month’s favorite may lie forgotten this month.  Here are some book suggestions for babies of every age. All come with a personal seal of approval from our chief tester, […]