This week’s park review is brought to you by Natasha Lee (and little Audrey!) Today I want to review one of our favorite parks – Exploration park in Katy. It’s a very well designed and thought out park for kids of all ages, with some features that I haven’t seen anywhere else. And, it’s fully […]

If you’re looking for shade, you can stop reading now. You will not find it at Nottingham Park. As far as all other determinants of park greatness go, however, this playground/splashpad/green space is awesome! Here is the main playground: There are several play structures, with activities for all ages. The equipment is in great condition, […]

A morning at the beach with a toddler: would it be worth the hourlong drive, or too exhausting to bother with? When I set out to Surfside Beach with a very antsy Lana, I wasn’t sure how our morning would go. But, I ended up absolutely loving this beach and highly recommend checking it out! […]

If you’ve got a playground-loving toddler, check out Willow Park, located just outside the Loop in Southwest Houston. We visited after a recommendation from a reader, and found plenty to entertain us in this cute neighborhood park.First, there’s the large play-ground structure (meant for bigger kids, but worked just fine for 1.5-year-old Lana): Then, there […]

I’ll bet most of you have heard of Donovan Park – this one-of-a-kind wooden fortress is one of Houston’s most popular playgrounds. If you haven’t visited in a while (or ever!) now’s the time to check it out, before the summer heat makes visits to this mostly-unshaded park much less pleasant. I’ll start off with […]

This little park in Rice Village is so well-hidden that you could walk right by without realizing it’s there. And that would be a shame, because this is the perfect area to relax with your little crawler, walker or runner. This green space is in the courtyard of the Hanover Rice Village apartment building. (Don’t […]