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Best Books for Baby by Month

I’m sure you’ve already heard that it’s important to read to your baby. But which books work best? With baby’s interests and abilities constantly changing, last month’s favorite may lie forgotten this month. 
Here are some book suggestions for babies of every age. All come with a personal seal of approval from our chief tester, baby Lana. This is by no means an exhaustive list – if you’ve found other books your baby loves, tell me what I’m missing!

0-3 months

At this age, “reading” is all about looking – and, if you’ve read your parenting books, you know that newborns enjoy pictures in black, white, and red, as well as human faces. A board book like Look, Look! will provide them some of both for hours of high-contrast fun. (Well, let’s be realistic. It’ll probably be closer to 10-15 minutes. But, for a newborn, that’s a long time!) Or check out Hello, Bugs! and its companion Hello, Animals!, which combine appealing black-and-white images with sparkling colors on every page.

Black & White is a fun twist on a board book – it opens like an accordion, so you can stand it up on its own next to your newborn. And the See and Say Board Book includes a baby-safe mirror for your little one to explore.


3-6 months

The 3-6 month infant has figured out that her hands are not just for hanging by her sides, and her mouth isn’t just for drinking milk. Toys and books that fall into this baby’s grasp will be squished, pulled, and chewed. So what better to offer for her reading pleasure than the Indestructibles series of dishwasher-safe books that can’t be ripped or torn? We’ve had these books for months and Lana has done her best to tear them apart, so I can personally attest to their sturdiness.

There are over a dozen Indestructibles stories to choose from. Some of the most popular are Baby FacesMama and Baby!Baby Peekaboo, and Baby Babble. Our latest favorite, Beach Baby, is perfect for summer vacation! You can also find updated versions of songs and rhymes like Old MacDonald Had a Farm.


6-9 months

The Baby Touch and Feel series can be lots of fun for this age. With different textures on every page, baby can pull on a bunny’s soft fur or feel the sparkly polka dots on a ball. Choose from all-around favorites like First Words or Animals, or a more specific topics like Farm or Happy Birthday.


9-12 months

The nearly-one-year-old baby has gained the dexterity to help you turn pages and open flaps, and, chances are, he doesn’t think a book is worth reading if he can’t do either of these. Who’s Who at the Zoo, which is Lana’s #1 absolute favorite book, has kids guess which animal is hiding behind each page before flipping it open to reveal the answer. The mirror on the last page shows them what all the animals at the zoo see when they’re looking out at baby!

Pop-Up Peekaboo: Playtime has flaps that open up, down, and sideways to show off 3-D toys, trains, and dinosaurs. Babies might also enjoy the rhymes on each page. While Pop-Up Peekaboo is nice and big, Open the Barn Door is a tiny flap book that’s perfect for a flight or car ride. The flaps on each page show different farm animals in their hideouts.


12+ Months  

After he or she turns one, your toddler can enjoy books that combine several fun features – holes to poke a finger through, flaps to open, textures to feel, and bright colors to examine. Classics like The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Pat the Bunny are great for this age. Another favorite of Lana’s is Touch and Feel ABC, which features a page for each letter and offers a fun variety of textures, flaps, colors, and more.


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