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Working out is important. As a mom of two busy toddlers, it’s more than important, it’s critical to my well-being.  Unfortunately, taking time out for a great workout often falls by the wayside to the competing demands of school, schedules, and parenting. And, since having kids, I’ve know I’ve become more lax about my training […]

The last week has been tormenting. No one has been unaffected. We have watched family and friends escape their homes by boat/kayak/helicopter at the last minute before flood waters overtake their home. Our newsfeeds have been flooded with harrowing images and videos of our friends and loved ones sharing their stories of devastation and heartbreak. […]

Noah’s Ark at Quillian Center has been on my radar for quite some time, and this week I finally made the trek outside of the Loop to this magical water park outfitted with animals like bears, lions, and the quintessential Noah’s ark animal: a whale. My toddler didn’t notice the inconsistencies with the Noah’s ark […]

What play area offers water, sand, drums, and sun? Not a beach scene from Jamaica, as one might think, but the Barbara Fish Daniel Nature Play Area! Whether your little one loves climbing or sliding or playing in the sand, the Fish Play Area has you covered. Its location is pretty amazing, too. It’s located […]

It’s been a while since I was pregnant, so for this post on Houston’s pregnancy resources, I turned to someone with firsthand experience: Houston mom Abby Gorlach, who is expecting her 2nd baby in September. In this post, Abby talks doulas and midwives. I lived in Washington DC during my first pregnancy, so when I […]