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Five best playgrounds for babies in Houston

Not all playgrounds are created equal — especially when you’re looking for a playground for your new crawler. Some are designed for more active visitors, some don’t provide the soft surfaces needed for those tender little knees, and still others don’t offer any shaded areas for taking a rest from all that activity.

Fear not!

After reviewing dozens of playgrounds in the Greater Houston Area, here are our top five picks for Houston’s littlest players (in no particular order).


Playground at Church of the Apostles

The Playground at Church of the Apostles is a small, fully-gated playground in the Heights with astroturf for crawling and shade to spread a blanket. While your crawler might not be able to take advantage of the entire play structure, enough of it is close to the ground to keep them occupied.

Herman Park Playground

Most playgrounds have a structure for big kids and one for toddlers. Hermann Park Playground is one of the only places in Houston with a third, tiny playground that’s just for babies. It looks like a little town, and nearly everything is low enough for crawlers to explore. The toddler and big kid playgrounds are located some distance away, which minimizes the chances of big kids stepping on your baby. And, there’s a low wall around the perimeter perfect for mamas to perch on and chat.


Judson Park

Judson Park is another fully-gated, astroturfed piece of baby heaven. It features a super-cool log to crawl through, a small play structure, and baby swings. The big kid playground is on the other side of the park, so you’re unlikely to run into them here.


Boundless Playground at Eastwood Park

Boundless playgrounds (aka “playgrounds-for-all”) like the one at Eastwood Park, are a natural fit for babies: all the ramps designed to make them wheelchair-accessible do double duty as great crawling surfaces. The problem? Big kids love them too, leading to collisions in which your baby is unlikely to emerge as the winner. Well-known playgrounds like the ones on West Gray or in Memorial Park are often overrun with older kids. This is why Eastwood Park is such a great find – we’ve never found it busy, which means you can let your crawler explore without fear. The equipment is new and far back from the road.

The Square at Memorial City Mall

If you want to combine outdoor play with some shopping or a meal out, look no further than the Square at Memorial City Mall. Set back in a corner of the mall’s new green space is an adorable little outdoor playspace for babies. There are three little baby-size structures, and, of course, astroturf!


So there you have it, HNM’s top five playgrounds.

Are there any playgrounds in your area that are just right for crawlers? We’d love to share them with other readers!



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