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Houston mother and inventor creates new product for new moms

We’ve all been there — mid-diaper change, one hand holding up those squirmy little legs and the other, covered with sticky diaper cream residue and grabbing at a fresh nappie. It’s frustrating. It’s messy and it’s not all that safe or sanitary either, right?

Swipensnap™ to the rescue.

A solution to an everyday hassle for moms

Invented by Houston native, Alina Kravochenko, Swipensnap™ One Hand Cream Applicator is an innovative solution to an age-old problem.

And it’s easy to use. Simply attach the BPA-free applicator tip to your favorite brand of diaper cream, squeeze the cream from the tube and swipe the cream on to Baby’s bottom with the soft, flexible tip. No mess, no cross contamination and no frustration.

When you’re finished, snap the cap and the whole applicator stands its own.

And did we mention, Swipensnap™ is dishwasher safe?

Swipensnap™ has quickly gained an audience among moms, dads, caregivers, bloggers and pediatricians, who agree it’s worth every penny of it’s $10 price tag.

This nifty little applicator is only available on Alina’s website ( Hop over and buy one now!

And, if you don’t mind, let her know Houston New Moms sent you 🙂




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