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Kanthaka: Personal Trainers On Demand for Busy Houston Moms

This week, Abby Gorlach discovers Kanthaka, or Uber for personal trainers. This amazing Houston-based app allows busy moms to book workouts a trainer of their choice – at their home (or workplace, or gym), on their schedule, and with just a few clicks!

Self-care is important. As a mom of two toddlers, it’s imperative. Unfortunately, my needs often fall by the wayside in the midst of the competing demands of school, schedules, and parenting busy toddlers. And, since having kids, I’ve become more lax about my workouts due to all of the above – yet this is the time I need to be in my best shape and health so I will have the physical strength to wrangle my kids and chase them at the park.

But how to fit everything in? Enter Kanthaka, an app that is like Uber, but for personal trainers. You can choose which type of training you want, when, and where, and a personal trainer will show up. It’s seriously that easy.

I downloaded the app, set up my account in seconds, and scrolled through the training offerings. I chose “General Training” because I was looking for circuit training, but you can choose yoga, Pilates, boxing, or pre/post-natal. I chose a trainer based on her profile and philosophy, set up the session at the park next to my house, and chose a time that was convenient for me after school drop-off. I had a small technical issue, but  it was resolved really quickly by the IT team, and I was able to continue with my booking.

When I arrived at the park, the trainer was already there, scoping out the location and setting up props. She brought a mini-gym with her (weights, foam tiles, cones), plus water for me. She spent time evaluating my functional abilities and going over any physical limitations before we actually began the session. The session itself was great, and I really liked the trainer’s style and attitude. She was very knowledgeable and generally awesome. I really liked how she took the time to evaluate my personal situation and didn’t simply dive into a routine, plus the exercises were great.

I didn’t have my kids with me, but I can see how this would work with children and babies in tow. You could pop your baby into the stroller and they would have free entertainment while you get in your workout, or your toddler could play at the park during the session, or you could have the trainer come to your house! There are many variations of what might work, which is the great thing about a personal trainer “on demand.”

I loved the flexibility Kanthaka gave me with timing and location. I did find one caveat specific to my situation. I often need to do training outside of my home since at least one of my children is usually at home, and I work from home so I don’t have an office per se, and I don’t have access to a gym where I could bring an outside personal trainer. This leaves the park, which I love because I really enjoy the outdoors, but this is Houston. It’s hot, there are mosquitoes, and it rains a lot. Luckily, none of these things were an issue during my session, but I could see how it might be during the heat of the summer if you don’t book during the early morning hours. With fall and winter ahead of us, this shouldn’t be much of an issue, though.

With Kanthaka, I don’t have any excuses for missing a gym or personal training session. I can open the app and find a trainer who can come to me, wherever that might be (home, park, gym, office), at a time that works best for me. The rate is also the same rate I’ve paid personal trainers at a gym – a good value considering all the extra flexibility. A nice bonus: the company is donating $10 of each booked session to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts during the month of September.

Check out Kanthaka’s website and download the app to see for yourself!

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