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Jaycee Park & Splashpad in the Heights

This past weekend, we got to visit a new playground for a birthday party; as soon as I saw it, I knew it was worthy of a “park of the week” post. Jaycee Park is a favorite with Heights families, and has quite a few features to keep toddlers entertained.

Let’s start with the play structure. There’s just one, and it’s big, with slides, drums, a net to walk on, and much more. Because big and little kids all play together, and due to the size of the various features, it’s better for older toddlers. The two-year-olds and nearly-two-year-olds at our party certainly enjoyed it!

As far as shade, you can see in the photo below that much of the playground is shaded in the morning, though as the day wears on, that shade recedes. Nevertheless, the large green umbrellas and surrounding trees make sure you’re never in playing in full sun.

In addition to the main play structure, there are a few smaller features, like this spinning seat, a ride-on, a seesaw, and a little rock wall.

Then we have the splash pad. It’s a fun one, with various fountains unexpectedly erupting at different times. It’s mostly in the sun but there is a bit of shade.

Another thing I really loved about this park – tons and tons of green space around the playground and splash pad. This means plenty of room to run or lay out a blanket for a baby playdate. It also makes for a large buffer zone between kids and cars (see how far they are in the below photo?) I did see a number of puddles, so watch out for mosquitoes after it’s been raining.  (Also – how adorable is that party table?)

Between the play structure, the seesaw, the splash pad and the green areas, we really enjoyed our time at Jaycee Park. We will definitely be coming back!

If You Go:

  • Address: 1300 Seamist Dr, Houston, TX 77008
  • Parking: Free street parking, 1-minute walk to playground

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