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Grace Bible Church Playground in the Heights

This week’s post is brought to you by “two under two” survivor and playground veteran Abby Gorlach.

Dear HNM followers: brace yourselves for the mother of all parks featured in this week’s edition of Park of the Week. Last week, I loaded my tribe in our car and headed to Grace Bible Church to experience what I like to call park heaven.

You see, I have a newly-turned two year old and an eight month old. Going to parks these days isn’t as easy as it once was. I need to appease and keep enclosed both my running, climbing, sliding toddler as well as my crawling everywhere and eating everything (I’m looking at you, wood chips and pebbles and dirt) baby.

Enter the park at Grace Bible Church. It is almost completely enclosed, and boasts AstroTurf, baby swings, toddler swings, unique climbing structures, several slide options, drums, a zip line (yes, I personally tried the zip line because it was my duty as a parent to test its safety and efficacy), a large group swing, a hammock, spinners, bouncers, monkey bars, and a variety of other awesome structures I’m not sure what to label.


My toddler loved the slides, “rock climbing,” and the low to the ground swings she could access on her own. My baby was overjoyed to crawl and crawl and crawl without a care in the world – she had so much room to explore. And, for the most part, I was able to sit on our picnic blanket and chat with other park-goers while keeping an eye on both babies. Success!

In addition to the playground specific structures, there are two covered picnic areas complete with tables, as well as a multi-faucet water basin which can be used to wash hands or, in my toddler’s case, as a water table. Alas, there are two (small) drawbacks: lack of shade and fence. We visited in the late afternoon and there was partial shade provided by overhead tarps, but bring your sunhat and sunscreen since most of the playground is not covered and awash in sun.

As for the lack of fence, three-quarters of the playground is enclosed, but the play area opens to the covered deck leading to the parking lot. You would likely have a minute to grab your toddler before she makes it to said parking lot, but it is something to be aware of. Hopefully your little ones are too entertained by the many multi-sensory playground structures to feel like wandering off!


If You Go:

Address: 6325 Hurst Street, Houston, TX 77008
Parking: large parking lot with ample parking spaces

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